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Broadmoor painting unveiled

16 October 2012

Sarah Montcrieff and her painting of Broadmoor Hospital

A new painting which depicts the famous Broadmoor Hospital gate house has gone on display at the Hospital. The artwork, created by Sarah Moncrieff who specialises in painting urban scenes and institutions, was unveiled at a special ceremony in the Hospital yesterday.

Sarah said: “Broadmoor appealed as a challenge because the buildings are the daily visual experience of many who don’t have a choice but to be there. I’d like staff and patients at Broadmoor to be able to see a structure that they pass every day presented to them in a dramatic new light.”

Leeanne McGee, Executive Director of High Secure Services, said:  “We are happy to receive this painting which will be hung in a prominent place within the hospital enabling us to view a familiar landmark in a very different light.”

The painting is the artist’s impression of the original entrance to the hospital which was used daily until the late 1980’s when the new reception complex was built.  The old gatehouse is now a listed building.  When redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital is complete, the old gatehouse will be outside the new high secure perimeter and will no longer be part of the Broadmoor Hospital complex.