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020 8483 2789 or 2700


020 8574 6099

We operate a satellite service on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the northern part of our catchment area at:

Grand Union Village Health Centre
Taywood Road

Tel: 020 8483 2700
Fax: 020 8845 5086


The Ealing west recovery team provides support for adults with severe and enduring mental health problems who require more intensive support to recover and remain well in the community.

Community recovery teams bring together a range of specialist health care professionals as integrated care services, including psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists and pharmacists. Other staff such as peer support workers, vocational and employment specialists also work as part of the team.

The team offers a wide range of services, including community-based groups, individual support and counselling, occupational therapies, social work interventions, out-patient clinics and a variety of therapeutic interventions to meet individual needs.

We can help to find out what areas you need help with, keep an eye on how you are, develop your strengths; work to find answers to your current problems and help you in your recovery journey.

Recovery teams work closely with our assessment and community inpatient services, as well as GPs, voluntary organisations and other partners to help people to remain in the community as far as possible and to ease the transition back into normal life.

Following your referral, we will work with you to develop your care plan, which will include an assessment of your ongoing needs.

You will be able to involve your family, carers and friends in the care plan if you wish to.

Severe or enduring mental health problems are ones which have a major impact on your ability to cope in everyday living due to a mental disturbance that is not primarily due to alcohol, drugs or organic illness.


If you care for someone who has a mental health problem, you are also entitled to an assessment of your needs, which is reviewed periodically.

If you have not had a carer’s assessment, speak to the care coordinator or another member of staff.

Referral information

People are referred to recovery teams from the assessment service or other parts of the trust.

If you are worried about your mental health, you should first speak to your GP (family doctor).