27 Nov 2017

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) was launched at the House of Commons on 16 November, and WLMHT was one of the first trusts to sign up to this important initiative.

The alliance brings together organisations from across the UK with the common goal of ensuring suicide is taken seriously. They will work together to use the best prevention evidence to immediately reduce the number of suicides in this country.

The Samaritans Suicide Statistics Report 2017 reports that 6,188 suicides were registered in the UK, which is the equivalent of 20 long haul airplanes crashing on an annual basis.

The ZSA used the event to encourage people to take the practical step of taking part in new interactive prevention training to help them save lives.

The training gives people the essential skills they need to approach situations where they may encounter someone with suicidal thoughts. The training is aimed at people from all walks of life and it is hoped that it will better prepare people to help friends, loved ones or family members that may be considering taking their own life.

It means for every person that undertakes the training, everyone they encounter has a better chance of getting help if they are thinking of taking their own life. We hope that those who have done the training will also encourage friends, family and work colleagues to do the same and make a real impact on eliminating suicide in this country.

Dr Julia Renton, Head of Psychological Services, said: “Every person’s life is unique and special and we want to do all we can to support people who may be vulnerable and at risk of taking their own lives.  That’s why we have signed up to the Zero Suicide Alliance and pledged to do what we can to support this important initiative.”

The training will teach you how to recognise the warning signs and safeguard someone that could be considering taking their own life.

The free, 20 minute course will teach you:

  • How to identify when someone may be having suicidal thoughts or behaviour.
  • How to talk openly and confidently to a suicidal person about their thoughts and feelings.
  •  The best process for signposting individuals to services or support networks that can help them.

So please encourage friends and those you work with to take the training at www.zerosuicidealliance.com. It really does take just 20 minutes.