The GIC is changing the way we answer telephone calls.

From Monday 12 October 2015, we are introducing an options menu that will better direct calls or provide relevant up-to-date information depending on the option chosen.

If you have any comments on the new telephone system, or any other aspect of the GIC’s work, please let us know.


179-183 Fulham Palace Road
W6 8QZ


020 8483 2801

About the GIC

The West London Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross Hospital (CX GIC) is the largest and oldest clinic of its type, dating back to 1966.

We accept GP referrals from all over the UK for people with issues related to gender, most commonly gender variance associated with gender dysphoria.

Who we see

We are happy to see any adult wishing to address gender related issues, regardless of whether they have begun a process of transition.  If in doubt, seek referral.

Who we don’t see

We don’t see people under 17, those with issues specifically related to sexual dysfunction or sexual orientation in the absence of gender dysphoria.  If in doubt, seek referral.

Waiting list

Waiting times for first appointments at the GIC are currently around 12 months from the initial referral.

The waiting list varies depending on several factors, including the overall number of referrals received and the current funding situation at both government and local level.

We work as fast and efficiently as we can, but we have limited resources and as we are a national service there may be waiting involved.

Waiting time updates for first referrals