The Cassel Hospital provides treatment for adults with severe and complex personality disorders and young people with emerging personality disorders who have often exhausted all other avenues of help from mental health services.

The Cassel HospitalLocation: The Cassel Hospital, 1 Ham Common, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7JF

Telephone: 020 8483 2900
020 8483 2996

Mode: Inpatient and Outreach

Length of treatment: 9 months Inpatient treatment, followed by 24 months community-based treatment (if from Greater London) or further treatment locally (if from outside Greater London)

Referrals accepted from: Consultant psychiatrists, adult mental health services, child and adolescent mental health services for young people at stage of being transferred to adult services

Key areas: Personality disorders

Personality disorder lead: Dr Oliver Dale, consultant psychiatrist

Senior nurse: Amanda Mackenzie


The Cassel Hospital is an NHS Tier 4 specialist personality disorder service and is part of West London Mental Health Trust.

We deliver combined psychosocial and psychoanalytic treatment through Inpatient and Outreach treatment programs. The Inpatient service provides residential treatment at the Cassel Hospital in Richmond, Surrey. The Outreach service provides community-based treatment and may follow on from the Inpatient program or may be accessed directly, depending on need and individual circumstances.

The purpose of our service is to help people reduce self-harm, suicidal and other self-destructive behaviours, build and foster healthy social and family relationships and to integrate back into the community, with a reduced reliance on local mental health services.

Our unique treatment approach is built on decades of experience and a strong evidence-base. Our dedicated Research Unit continually audits treatment outcomes and results show that our treatment is effective with even very difficult cases.

Further information

Specialist personality disorder service brochure

Outreach personality disorder service brochure

Cassel patient handbook

Referrals and funding: Please contact Cheryl Pavitt on 020 8483 2953 for more details.