We are one of the most diverse providers of mental health care in the UK and our staff are dedicated to improving lives through the wide range of services we offer.

Our purpose is to help people to recover from mental illness and to find new and better treatments that allow people to lead full and productive lives. Our ambition is to be the best organisation of our type in the UK.

We are part of the National Health Service (NHS) in England and the services we provide are purchased by commissioners, such as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), on behalf of local people.

We also provide some specialist services that are commissioned nationally, such as the Cassel Hospital and our high secure service, and regionally, such as our medium secure services.

Who runs the trust?

We are governed by a board of directors, which meets monthly. It is made up of 14 members: a non-executive chairman, seven of the trust’s executive directors (including the chief executive), and six non-executive directors.

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Our structure

The trust has three main clinical service units:

Local services

Our local services unit provides inpatient and community based care for people who live in the London boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, and Hounslow.

It is divided into three areas:

  • Adult services
  • Child and adolescent mental health services
  • Cognitive impairment and dementia services

Specialist and forensic services

Our specialist services are provided to a wider catchment area.

  • The Cassel (specialist residential personality disorder treatment)
  • West London forensic services (low and medium secure services)

High secure services

Our high secure service at Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire is one of only three such units in England. It is a leader in the care of men with severe mental illness who require care in conditions of high security.