We are building a new medium secure unit (MSU) on the St Bernard’s site called Thames Lodge, due to open in 2016. Together with the existing regional secure unit (RSU) and the Wells Unit, it will make up the new Three Bridges medium secure campus.

Three Bridges man at workThe new unit will replace outdated buildings with fit for purpose accommodation in a bright, welcoming environment that will help staff to deliver excellent patient care.

Following the opening of our Three Bridges Medium Secure Campus, the RSU will be renamed Medway Lodge.

Three Bridges medium secure campus redevelopment leaflet

Latest news

Exterior building works have now passed their halfway mark we are now focusing on making sure we’re getting the inside of the new unit right.

This has included an all-day furniture fair where staff and service users told us which of the 100 pieces on display they preferred.

Staff, service users and carers have also given their views about our updated mock bedroom.

As the project progresses,  we will keep providing opportunities for people to get involved.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved, invite a member of the redevelopment team to update your group, or join our mailing list, email redevelopment.team@wlmht.nhs.uk or call 020 8354 8836.